SEO Challenge

Progress Report (October 2019)

3rd of October, 2019
Search Console results for Rahul's Blog in October 2019
Source: / Caption: Search Console results for Rahul’s Blog in October 2019.

So it’s been 48-days since I’ve written my first post on this blog, outlining my SEO challenge, which was to rank first-position on Google UK for the term Rahul.

How’s October 2019’s progress so far?

Organic Google search results for “Rahul” related queries in October 2019

So far, according to SerpRobot, I’ve managed to get a few results, as per the below search queries:

Search queryPosition
rahul khosla73
rahul newcastle>100
rahul khosla newcastle14
rahul newcastle upon tyne59
rahul khosla newcastle upon tyne13

Google My Business listing results for “Rahul” related queries in October 2019

Source: / Caption: Google My Business listing for Rahul.

As part of my SEO strategy, I got my self a Google My Business (GMB) listing for my blog, classifying myself as a marketing consultant who works within the United Kingdom.

With that said, I’m not sure why the map shows I work across parts of Europe?

Ranking a GMB listing isn’t really a part of my SEO challenge, however, I feel that it could potentially help build some credibility for the main keyword (“Rahul”) within the UK.

As for the GMB listing’s description, I’ve simply put “Rahul is a web designer & SEO in Newcastle upon Tyne.“, in order to build the credibility of my keyword within my local area (Newcastle).

However, later, I plan to aim this more towards the UK and not just Newcastle itself.

So far, according to Google Chrome’s Incognito-mode, whilst searching from Newcastle, I’ve managed to get the listing to show for only one result so far:

Search queryGMB listing
rahulNot shown
rahul khoslaNot shown
rahul newcastleNot shown
rahul khosla newcastleNot shown
rahul newcastle upon tyneShown
rahul khosla newcastle upon tyneNot shown

Is having a GMB listing for your keyword allowed?

To be honest, it’s not a lie — I’m a marketer and I consult, so I can’t see why Google would think it’s a black-hat SEO method at all.

Therefore, hopefully, my GMB listing (as well as my blog) is safe from being penalised.

How’s link building going?

To be honest, I’m not trying to do anything that could be considered as black-hat. Therefore, link building hasn’t been something I’ve been participating in at an extreme level.

At most, I’ve changed most of my social media (e.g. Twitter) and professional profiles (e.g. GitHub), which ranked within Google UK for the above search queries, to include a link to this blog.

I’d imagine that this is the local SEO/NAP equivalent of a person’s SEO.

What’s next to progress?

In terms of the domain (; it’s new, with no existing links as far as I can see. Therefore, it’s very easy for me to monitor things via Google Search Console in order to asses the next steps for building links.

Blogging-wise, I haven’t been blogging enough as I’d hoped to. However, naturally doing things seems to be working well.

Hopefully, within the next progress report, I start to see even more improved results, based on using this report as the benchmark.