SEO Challenge

Progress Report (November 2019)

22nd of November, 2019
Search Console results for Rahul's Blog in November 2019
Source: / Caption: Search Console results for Rahul’s Blog in November 2019.

It’s now been 99-days since I’ve written my first blog post on this website and progress is looking good in terms of completing my SEO challenge!

I wanted to make another progress report in the same format as the previous, as I feel that it works for what I’m trying to document.

On a side note, my main worry is that Google might think I’m spamming them with the same stuff… which hopefully I’m not!

Finally, I realise that this progress report is closer to the end of the month (22nd). However, I’ve been on holiday in Bali, so I’m just catching up on things!

With that said, I did manage to get out a blog post about the SEO mistakes developers make when building websites, using inspiration from me being away from my day-job!

So hopefully, we’ll see some reflection in the progress below.

How’s November 2019’s progress so far?

Organic Google search results for “Rahul” related queries in October 2019

The tool I’m using to measure SERPs is called SerpRobot and according to SerpRobot, here are the results for Google UK search queries below:

Search queryPosition
rahul>100 (0)
rahul khosla>100 (>-27)
rahul newcastle57 (+43)
rahul khosla newcastle10 (+4)
rahul newcastle upon tyne24 (+35)
rahul khosla newcastle upon tyne9 (+4)

I noticed that a lot of these keywords now land on the page for October’s progress report and not so much on the homepage anymore — which is very interesting, as I wonder what effect this report may have.

Theoretically, I’m using the terms Rahul, Khosla and Newcastle a lot within my report. Therefore, I’m hoping Google understands that that is, in fact, the main topic of my website.

Google My Business listing results for “Rahul” related queries in October 2019

Source: / Caption: Google My Business listing for Rahul.

As I mentioned in my October report, I felt a bit sketchy having a Google My Business (GMB) listing under my own name…

However, surprisingly, it’s still there and here are the results for Rahul related queries which bring up the listing below:

Search queryGMB listing
rahulNot shown
rahul khoslaNot shown
rahul newcastleNot shown
rahul khosla newcastleNot shown
rahul newcastle upon tyne*Shown
rahul khosla newcastle upon tyneNot shown

* = Not much changed from the previous report. However, it doesn’t directly show me the listing anymore.

Suggestive Google result for Rahul's GMB listing
Source: / Caption: Suggestive Google result for Rahul’s GMB listing.

Instead, I get a suggestive result, which then redirects me to the GMB snippet.

What’s next in terms of progress?

As I mentioned above, it’s very interesting to see how this report pans out in terms of Rahul related queries.

Specifically to see if this report surpasses October’s report in terms of rankings or perhaps default back to the homepage instead (which would be ideal).

In the meantime, it’s nearly Christmas/New Year so let’s see if I can get another blog post out before then.

I feel that the next report is going to be the most exciting to look forward to, as it will ultimately determine on if the reports are helping with my SEO Challenge or not.