SEO Challenge

Progress Report (December 2020)

22nd of December, 2020
Search Console results for Rahul's Blog in December 2020
Source: / Caption: Search Console results for Rahul’s Blog in December 2020.

It’s been 495-days since I originally set out to achieve my SEO challenge.

It seems like a pandemic-away since I’ve last posted …oh wait — it was (but we’re still in it).

Yes, yes, I get it — I should be posting regularly, however, as you can imagine, the web design industry has been booming since the pandemic first appeared, keeping me and other web developers extremely busy.

Never the less, that’s no excuse for me to slack-off blogging like that. Therefore, I guess I was just simply “taking a break”.

As I write, I do miss this feeling I get where I don’t have to write so formerly and adhere to dramatically correct sentences and structure. I can literally write about anything, for instance, this random paragraph about my “feelings” in the middle of a progress report.

Sing like nobody is listening

— Mark Twain

Anyways… given that this was technically 1-year in the making, let’s get to it, shall we?

How’s December 2020’s progress so far?

Organic Google search results for “Rahul” related queries in December 2020

The tool I’m using to measure SERPs is called SerpRobot and according to SerpRobot, here are the results for Google UK search queries below:

Search queryPosition
rahul>100 (0)
rahul khosla>100 ()
rahul newcastle>100 (-43)
rahul khosla newcastle10 (0)
rahul newcastle upon tyne49 (-25)
rahul khosla newcastle upon tyne9 (0)
rahul seo58
rahul khosla seo3
rahul marketing>100
rahul khosla marketing22

Obviously not so great — but let’s be honest, what did I expect after a year of no content, for someone to send me dozens of links? …No.

However, …a big HOWEVER, I’ve come across the 4-extra keywords which I’ve added to the table above, which I’m actually a tiny bit proud of, to be honest!

Google My Business listing results for “Rahul” related queries in December 2020

I’m having to go back to my previous blog posts to remember my research methodology for this one (FYI. it’s Google Chrome, incognito mode and no VPN).

Google My Business map pack listing results for Rahul
Source: / Caption: Map pack GMB listing results for “rahul seo”.
Google My Business listing for Rahul
Source: / Caption: Full GMB listing result for “rahul marketing”.
Search queryGMB listing
rahulNot shown
rahul khoslaNot shown
rahul newcastleNot shown
rahul khosla newcastleNot shown
rahul newcastle upon tyneNot shown (was previously)
rahul khosla newcastle upon tyneNot shown
rahul seoShown (map pack GMB listing)
rahul khosla seoNot shown
rahul marketingShown (full GMB listing)
rahul khosla marketingNot shown

I’m kind of not surprised, however, similarly, still impressed with the 2-new keywords that are showing it.

Off-site SEO

Link building

Since my October 2019 progress report, I’ve only built a few social links from profiles.

Google Search Console has picked up links from GitHub and Behance so far, therefore, there’s a lot more work to be done for this.

Let’s get back at it!

On-site SEO

I’ve done some speed optimisation

I’ve recently come across WPMU Dev’s CDN, and wow it’s actually pretty good!

With seeing results on client’s websites first-hand, some going from 7s to 1s load times, I had to try it out for myself.

I’m planning to make some accessibility adjustments

I’ve also recently come across the WCAG accessibility guidelines. Therefore, I’m going to look at implementing the basics on my blog, as I believe it’ll help with the blog’s SEO too.

What’s next in terms of progress?

I guess it’s on me to try to get on top of things and blog more often.

Some of my blogs, specifically the one about how to find expired domains using Ahrefs has started to generated a few clicks, which is kind of good!

I do feel that these SEO progress reports help, specifically for the SEO related keywords.

With that said, my GMB listing has categorised me as a marketing consultant, which is why I had a hunch I’d be shown for marketing related keywords.

Let’s see how this SEO progress report impacts things — fingers crossed!