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The Best SEO podcasts

22nd of August, 2019
Learning skills though podcasts
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Is it just me or do other people also prefer listening to podcasts over music?

I specifically do this when I’m coding-away/in a self-productive environment (i.e. my work desk).

I just seem to feel that I’m being more productive that way — have you ever tried doing this (let me know)?

How do you define a good SEO podcast?

As productivity is on the subject matter, to me, a good podcast is something I consider actionable after listening to it.

Therefore, podcasts that allow me to learn and action new things is something I consider good, due to them helping me become more productive afterwards.

What gives me the authority to review these SEO podcasts?

Even though initially, I was thrown into minor SEO tasks at my day-job, SEO is something I only really began to learn outside of work, as it became more of a passion an obsession for me (…I really do enjoy it).

In total, out of the list of podcasts mentioned below, I’ve listened to a total of 220 episodes of — making me somewhat of a long-time listener for all of these.

As my SEO knowledge is mostly self-taught, I started listening to these podcasts as a complete newbie to the industry.

Therefore, I can tell you first-hand, that these podcasts have allowed me to both learn and action new SEO-related things (with great results), proving themselves to be good and productive podcasts to me.

The list of the best SEO podcasts

Expert On The WireSEO
The Authority Hacker PodcastSEO / Content / Agency
The Search Engine Journal ShowSEO / Agency

#1 Experts On The Wire


I believe this to be one of the most insightful SEO podcasts out there — with well over 100 episodes to-date (as of the 22nd of August 2019).

Dan Shure (the presenter) interviews authoritative figures such as John Mueller from Google (ep. 33), Barry Schwartz (a.k.a. RustyBrick) from Search Engine Roundtable (ep. 110) and tons more in order to discuss all things SEO.

Dan dives into both extremely technical subjects, whilst also covering basic topics in order to educate all levels of SEO learners too.

The reason this has to be one of my favourites is that Dan is both actively engaging with his audiences across Twitter and that every time I’ve listened to his podcast — there’s always something SEO-related that I’ve actioned on most of my websites thereafter.

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#2 MozPod


A podcast from Moz itself! It’s the closest thing to Google telling you how to SEO themselves — I’m in love!

Due to Moz having a large database of SEO-related data, I’d blindly follow anything and everything they’d say, solely due to everything being backed by their own mass-SEO studies.

With that said, whilst all the content is fantastic, there’s just not enough of it.

The last episode was posted on the 7th of August 2018, which was just over a year ago (to the date of this blog post).

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#3 The Authority Hacker Podcast

The Authority Hacker Podcast is hosted by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, which discuss all things internet marketing.

When listening, I’ve noticed a keen focus on topics covering content creation, link building and agency tools and processes, in order to scale internet businesses.

With all their podcasts being great, most importantly they sound honest. Meaning, everything that they’ve preached, they’ve also practised themselves first-hand too.

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#4 The Search Engine Journal Show

A podcast from one of the biggest SEO online news publications out there, making all their podcasts just sound more “authoritative” (…if you know what I mean).

With amazing guests from a variety of companies, their podcast covers a broad spectrum of search-engine-related topics.

With that said, the podcast is still fairly active (to the date of this blog post), yet, there’s just not enough to episodes in comparison to other SEO podcasts.

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Have I missed any good podcasts?

As I learn and listen more and more about SEO, I’ll be sure to come back and expand (or edit) the podcast list accordingly.

So if you feel that I should consider reviewing another podcast to add to this list, please do leave a comment and I’ll try to give it a listen too!