SEO Challenge

Hello world!

15th of August, 2019

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

—WordPress (15th of August, 2019)

Hold up… aren’t you supposed to delete that part, Rahul?

Yes, however, I’m keeping it — why? — because it’s a reminder that even though I’d be capable of building a bespoke content management system on a LAMP stack, I’m in love the concept of WordPress!

Don’t you love WordPress too?

WordPress on GitHub

Think about it… a heavily developed platform which is constantly updated by thousands of developers all around the world.

The last thing I’d need to worry about is the security of my site’s structure, provided I keep up with the updates and my themes and plugins aren’t poorly developed.

Furthermore, me being me (usually always too busy), one-click everything is somewhat of a godsend.

How does it help me (Rahul)?

At my day-job as a developer, customising WordPress themes is actually my primary job believe it or not! It’s become a niche for me now too!

Whether that be creating a bespoke theme for a local business or a complicated CRM system with hundreds of moving parts, the more I do on WordPress, the more I learn from it.

So what better way to dive into WordPress than to start using it first-hand for myself, right?

So, I like WordPress — now what?

So other than me expressing my love for WordPress — why am I actually writing this blog post?

It’s to just break-in the new website; set my blog’s tone, the structure and my notorious SEO challenge, which is what I’m actually trying to accomplish with this blog in the first place.

With that said, I have a feeling that it’s going to end up similar to Google’s original “mission statement” instead…

Google's original mission.

Rahul’s SEO challenge

To rank first-position on Google UK for the term Rahul.

—Rahul Khosla (15th of August, 2019)

How would I accomplish this

As my background started with front-end web development, my passion grew more towards learning about digital marketing.

As time went on, I fell into the role at my day job and began to rank numerous websites within my city (Newcastle upon Tyne).

By doing so, it gave me the opportunity to help over 50 local businesses gain profits digitally in just 1-year alone! All from knowing absolutely nothing to begin with!

As you can imagine, this has taught me tons about SEO in the process and that’s exactly what I plan to apply to my SEO challenge.

What challenges lie ahead?

Results for Rahul on Google

There’s going to be a ton of challenges, however, to name a few:

What now?

The bulk of this website was made within 4-hours, however, it still needs tons of SEO work doing to it.

Once that’s all complete, it’ll be time to start churning out some quality content I suppose!

If you’re keen to follow the results of my SEO challenge, then please be sure to keep up with me on social media — I’d appreciate it.