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Best outreach email examples

5th of September, 2019

As I work at a web design company, we manage a lot of our client’s blogs, as well as ours.

Over time, I’ve gotten to see dozens of outreach emails, all after one thing — backlinks.

Most of them are just the generic “Hello, I see you wrote about X, perhaps you could link to Y, …blah blah blah.” outreach scripts.

However, over time, within this post, I hope to collate a collection of emails which I believe could genuinely get links back to their desired posts.

Best outreach examples

So far, just the one that I’d like to share.

1. This URL has been penalised!

Penalised URL outreach email example
Source: Rahul Khosla

This email came into my workplace’s main company account, suggesting that the website we were linking to had been penalised with “evidence” from the popular paid-SEO tool Ahrefs.

In all honesty, we didn’t have a paid subscription to Ahrefs at the time, so rather than risking it, we simply removed the link but didn’t link back (however, did strongly consider it, purely as a sign of good faith).

What’s good with this outreach email?

This email script had the opportunity to do two, if not three things:

  1. Getting a link back just out of relevance.
  2. Getting a replaced with their own by providing a non-penalised link.
  3. Getting a competitor’s link removed but not getting any link back (which is what we did).

All of the above opportunities could genuinely have helped the company of which sent this email. Even number-3, as we basically removed a backlink to their competitor’s URL for them!

What’s wrong with this outreach email?

Based on their attached picture, we instantly presumed that it was genuine (i.e. this link has been penalised due to their attached screenshot-based evidence).

However, later considering that this could potentially have been Photoshopped!

Nonetheless, in order to accomplish the three opportunities suggested above, I personally thought that it must’ve had a fairly-high conversion-rate.

Therefore, I’m sure this method is working great for them!

More outreach email examples, please!

As mentioned above, as time goes on, I’ll try to keep this post updated with new highly-converting outreach email examples that we get sent to us.

However, should you come across an absolute gem, please do feel free to share it with me on my Twitter and I’ll consider adding it to this list for you too.