Digital Marketing

On-site SEO opportunities most developers miss

14th of November, 2019

As a web developer and SEO, I get to build sites as well as optimise them too. By doing so, I always pre-implement the basic SEO structure for these websites, when building them, saving me much of the on-site SEO implementation time after.

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Best outreach email examples

5th of September, 2019

As I work at a web design company, we manage a lot of our client’s blogs, as well as ours. Over time, I’ve gotten to see dozens of outreach emails, all after one thing — backlinks.

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Find expired domains using Ahrefs

28th of August, 2019

One less-popular but surprisingly effective SEO strategy I’ve come across as an SEO has been 301 redirecting expired domains.

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The Best SEO podcasts

22nd of August, 2019

Is it just me or do other people also prefer listening to podcasts over music? I specifically do this when I’m coding-away/in a self-productive environment (i.e. my work desk).

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Developing digital skills as a developer

20th of August, 2019

After working for a year-or-so as a WordPress developer, I was able to learn various skills that helped me not only to create complex WordPress websites but also optimise them too.

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