Digital Marketing

Developing digital skills as a developer

20th of August, 2019
Rahul Khosla photographed at Sleeky Web Design
Source: SWD

After working for a year-or-so as a WordPress developer, I was able to learn various skills that helped me not only to create complex WordPress websites but also optimise them too.

These types of optimisations included:

Developing all of these skills certainly didn’t all come at once, which leads me on to my next topic…

What’s the best digital skill to learn?

Personally, I thoroughly enjoy all the parts of the job. However, SEO is truly something special.

Why is SEO so special?

Imagine being able to set-up a website, optimising it for SEO and then writing some amazing content every now-and-then to simply watch it climb up Google’s rankings.

When I do this for clients and see the results it brings for their small businesses, it literally brings a smile to my face — it’s powerful stuff (both the results and my smile of course).

It sometimes even impacted businesses to go from 1X to 10X in yearly returns, simply from a day’s worth of SEO work alone!

What’s left to learn?

As the web develops, as does the list of things to learn too.

A few examples of this would include:

…keeping up with that alone would literally be endless, right?

Where do you start learning digital skills?

I use a ton of resources but it really depends on what I need to learn at the time.

Below is an ever-expanding list (I’ll keep adding as I learn) of resources I’ve used in the past.

WordPress debugging

Digital marketing (including SEO)

PHP coding