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Best web design agency podcasts

24th of December, 2020
Learning skills though podcasts
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If you know me, you’ll know that I love a good podcast, and if it can be a podcast which can help me become a better web designer, I’m more than down to give it a listen to!

These podcasts focus primarily on web design and agencies, as opposed to digital marketing. Therefore, if you’re looking for more SEO-focused podcasts, give my best SEO podcasts post a quick read over.

What makes a good web design podcast?

Coming at this from an agency point of view, a good web design podcast is where the listener can both relate to and learn from.

Based on the list below, you’ll find podcasts which do exactly that.

What gives me the authority when it comes to rating these web design podcasts?

Since I come from an agency background, I’ve seen all the pain-points discussed within these web design podcast, first-hand.

I’m able to remember the times where clients were being difficult, or perhaps we undercharged them for a certain specification, etc.

Therefore, I’m able to relate with the hosts a lot easier and understand that their podcasts topics are “real” and therefore, insightful for the listener.

List of the best web design agency podcasts

The Josh Hall Web Design ShowFreelance / Agency
Agency Trailblazer PodcastAgency

Yes, that’s right — at the moment there are only 2 podcasts that I would recommend when it comes to web design. However, if I discover more, this list will most certainly be updated.

#1. The Josh Hall Web Design Show

Source: www.youtube.com

For those who are just starting out, or perhaps love using Divi, then this one is for you!

A bit about Josh Hall (the host)

Josh started as a freelancer and transformed this into a Divi web design company.

At the same that time he was working at his own company, he started developing courses on how to become a web designer part-time.

Josh then later sold his web design company to a student form his course, which allowed him to then concentrate on his podcast and web design courses full-time.

What’s good about Josh’s podcast?

For starters, Josh is very honest.

Josh right away tells the audience that he doesn’t have a fancy university degree, yet he has this mass following and success around his web design career — which is very inspirational if you ask me.

Furthermore, there’s been numerous times on the podcast that Josh admits that he’s not a professional coder, as he gets by with HTML, CSS and JavaScript, but doesn’t dabble in much custom PHP work, etc.

By doing so, this really opens the floor up for audiences who come from similar backgrounds, and even those who want to switch into this industry.

Therefore, this podcast is for anyone who’s wanting to learn how to become a web designer and understand how to run both a freelance-style and agency-style business.

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#2. Agency Trailblazer Podcast

A podcast for those who are working at a more agency-level, this podcast is for you.

A bit about Lee Matthew Jackson (the host)

Lee is a British host who talks about his experience within his web design agency based in the UK.

Similar to Josh, Lee sells his Project Discovery Blueprint, which ultimately allows agencies to price more effectively and dodge common pitfalls within the discovery process.

What I like about Lee’s podcast?

Not only does Lee cover essential topics within the web design industry, but also covers personal development strategies which can help you become a better agency owner.

Therefore, if you’re at the point where you’re constantly stressed, perhaps even already running your full-time staffed agency, or just want to see what running your web design agency is like, check out Lee’s podcast using the links below.

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Have I missed your favourite web design podcast?

Oh no, have I missed one!?

If you’ve extensively listened to another podcast which hasn’t been mentioned in the above list, please do let me know in the comments so that others can check it out too!