About Rahul

Rahul Khosla in a meeting
Source: SWD

Welcome to Rahul’s blog

This is a blog about me, Rahul Khosla; aiming to document my research and discoveries, whilst in the process of completing an SEO challenge.

How I got into web design

The interest

Almost like every millennial boy who grew up in the UK, I got super-into computer games when I was younger.

By obsessively playing countless MMORPGs, I decided I wanted to make my very own, which eventually pushed me into creating private servers of the [undisclosed] games I enjoyed playing at the time.

By doing so, it allowed me to get into coding from a very young age; setting up VPS servers, configuring DNS settings, editing core game files and even setting up websites for them too.

One day, I decided to kick-up my webs.com website up-a-notch by going from template to bespoke (a custom design).

However, the only thing I didn’t have at the time was any knowledge in digital design.

The education

Rather than paying people to create designs for me, I thought to dabble my feet into some Adobe packages, of which I had access to at my high school for free.

The more I got into it, the more I enjoyed it — equally as much as developing.

From there, I kept at it; going onto studying graphic design at college and then a BA at the University of Northumbria too.

The result

Finally, as I got better at designing, I decided to put two-and-two together and began designing and developing my own designs into workings websites, allowing myself to start freelancing as a student under the name Point & Quack Web Design.

After graduating, I was able to present my freelance work as a portfolio, allowing me to get an amazing job as a WordPress developer.

The even job allowed me to occasionally step-in as a designer when needed and develop into a digital marketer too — which was the best of all worlds in my opinion!

So what’s next for Rahul?

Well, I’m a big fan of both learning and documenting — as, without it, I’d simply lose interest.

Therefore, as the blog continues, I’ll try my best to document research, skills and processes, allowing it to become easier for others to learn from too.

For example, whether that be learning how to develop digital skills as a developer or trying to learn about SEO — I’ve got you covered.